I was born in 1946 at the Northwestern city of Tabriz (pictures here) in Iran. My father was a successful businessman that was famous for the fashionable way he was always dressed (pictures here). He married my mother in a unique ceremony (pictures here). Soon after, the area became under the control of a separatist local government that was heavily swayed by the influence of the Soviet Union. My Dad felt that he had become a target and soon would be made to disappear. At the time my parents had two children and were not planning to have anymore. My Dad asked my mother to have another child in case he did not survive the ordeal. And that is how I was made to be in this world. 

I spent my childhood in Tabriz (picture here). For the most of my adolescence and younger years, I grew up in Northern Tehran (picture here), close to mountains where my love for the heights, for the stars, and for the snowed-in days developed. I spent a great deal of time hiking. The vastness of the mountains gave me the quite to hear the profound music of the universe and see the breathtaking poetry of the nature. I started reading and writing poetry, influenced by great maters, such as Hafez, Saadi Shirazi, Molana Rumi, Robert Frost, Omar Khayyam, Federico Garcia Lorca, Pablo Neruda, and a great many Japanese Haiku poets. In college I earned a BBA in Iran. In US I earned an MBA. Afterwards I travelled extensively. In Iran, I visited almost every city. At the City of Isfahan (picture here) I discovered one of the most glorious periods of art and architecture in the world. It occurred during the rule of Safavid Dynasty in 16th and 17th Centuries, that was deeply influenced by the mythical way of Sufism. That in turn lead me to the discovery that the Mogul Dynasty of India was heavily influenced by the culture of Iran during the Safavids. So, for 45 days I backpacked parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, following Mogul architectural sights especially in Kashmir, Rajestan, and around Delhi and Agra. During over one month of wondering around India I managed to read the entire volume of poetry of Rabindranath Tagore. Maybe it is because of my travels and exposure to other cultures, that I have come to find a great deal of beauty and humanity in the arts, music, and poetry of many places in the world. I am a classical music and opera enthusiast. Also, I am a great cook of Persian food and a big time Salsa dancer! 

I met and married my ex-wife in Dallas, Texas (picture here). We were together for almost 26 years. We have 2 most wonderful daughters (picture here). My ex-wife is a very nice lady, but I had to leave the box to finally find myself! 

For most of my professional life I have owned small businesses. For ages I was a Persian Rug dealer in a few major metropolitan US cities. Also, for a good while I designed and produced a line of modern home accessories. My designs were mostly influenced by my fascination with water (picture here). Being in business for myself for so many years, gave me the time and the luxury of reading a great deal about art, architecture, and poetry. The most motivating words that prompted me to seriously write poems, was a line from the movie Il Postino, which said: “Poetry is not for those who write it. Poetry is for those who need it”.