It is believed that Roses originated from the City of Shiraz in Persia (present Iran). They were widely cultivated since at least a millennium before BC. In addition, City of Shiraz is also the birthplace of such giants of Persian Poetry as Hafiz and Saadi. 

Roses symbolize friendship, joy, romance, love, beauty, and purity. With their unique combination of thorny stems and fragrant blossoms, they are often prized as a symbol of completion and perfection. For after having met the long stems with the thorns, one is rewarded with a flower of great beauty and mesmerizing fragrance. In other words, Roses act as a metaphor for life, meaning, after one overcomes difficulties in life, one always finds inner peace, harmony, and happiness. 

From ancient times Roses were also used as a symbol for silence or secrecy where they were perceived as mythical reservoir of Divine messages. Persian poetry, especially those with the Sufist undertones, are filled with references of the Rose and the Nightingale as symbols of the Keeper of the Message (Rose) and the Bringer of the Message (Nightingale). It is this mythical appeal that no Persian Garden is ever complete without a good number of Rose bushes planted in it. Growing up in a house with a Garden full of Roses, and reading many books of mythical Poetry, specifically those of Hafiz, it was easy to tune into the profound voice of this universe and its eternal call for love and harmony, and in time be prompted to reflect those voices in the Words of Poetry. 

However, it was a line from a movie called Il Postino that said; “Poetry is not for those who write it, it is for those who need it" that necessitated the launching of this website!
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